The Pacific Theater
(South East Asia)

Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Update from a Foreign country:

Those closest to me know I am a scatter brain. I don't listen to the radio unless it's NPR. Only watch movies and TV shows with friends pre-early 2000's. A beer fanatic, yet hate gluten. Am a computer scientist, yet consider myself an author and musician. I have various technological, entrepreneurial pursuits, a portfolio of academic papers on various research from most recently, "Post Quantum Cryptography" to "Digital Privacy in the Age of Surveillance" to "The Internet of Things", an unpublished book, and an unpolished EP. If you don't know, now you know. They'll eventually surface. I start many projects but am picky on which I finish. Hesitant for time is a virtue we all run out of.

I'm wildly ambitious, yet keep most people at arms length. I'm best described as unpredictable and indecisive. Typically I leave people still trying to figure me out. Some come to the most obvious assumption after questioning everything; still unsure if they truly knew the right answer.

To throw yet another curve ball, I flew to Tokyo, Japan with my one way ticket yesterday. I plan to tour all of Asia nomadically. I originally planned to continue my masters in Computer Science but also travel the rest of the world, if work and funds allow. Unknowingly as to when I will return, I want to thank everybody whose been there for me through the years.

If I comeback with the capability of speaking three new languages I'll feel as though I've accomplished something. If I don't know how to say anything but lettuce, chicken, fish and beer at least you know I "wined and dined" to my heart's content. If you don't hear from me again. I've become a World Nomad, I'm off the grid following my new life goals to walk the entire earth by foot, meticulously studying, "The cultural impact technology possesses over human behavior from ranges of early child development to elders".

Sarcasm. Might come home when my Visas expire. I'll try to post some pretty pictures and selfies to update you. Still surprising myself each day that I made it across the world alive.

-August 31st, 2016

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