Myles' Works

Expert hardware and software specialist with years of experience supporting over 1000+ clients, corporate enterprises, and federal agencies with design, software development, and information and communication technology support.

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Professional Projects

Clients have ranged from small businesses to multiple Fortune 500 companies ( Apple, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ...) and from mid-size international lodging groups to multimedia conglomerates. Works have involved artificial intelligence, mobile computing, application development, and more.

Partnered with consultant platforms and key systems integrators to provide technical analysis, market research, and various other services. Utilized a platform agnostic skill set for design, hardware, and software development for various customers and tasks.






Fact-finding analysis

Due to the depth and sensitivity of some of the research topics, not all information about each subject matter is immediately accessible or publicly available. However, abstracts, thesis, and some research documentation is available upon request in the listed fields of interest.


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