Myles Crouther

Avid developer, designer and maker

Technically affluent. Consistently creative. Introspectively inspired. With years of industry experience, and a passion for computer science. Whom dabbles in computational research, instrumental music and creative writing.

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Industry Expertise

Projects done professionally

I started my career off with design, web and application development at HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Emagine IT; supporting private businesses and federal agencies.

At Apple I provided information and communication technology (ICT) support for a decentralized network of 1000+ clients via an appointment-based system. Thus, providing me with a platform agnostic skill set for design, hardware, and software development.






Fact-finding analysis

Due to the depth and sensitivity of some of the research topics, not all information about each subject matter is immediately accessible or publicly available. However, abstracts, thesis, and some research documentation is available upon request in the listed fields of interest.

Living Vicariously

A pending novel by the works of Myles Crouther

The book discusses the spoils of suburbia and the urban struggle in a dystopian fictional memoir. Taking place in the outskirts of the Washingtonian area during the turn of the 21st century. Unknown reasons explain the current plight of the world. The narrative follows the lives of the remaining American tribes of the eastern seaboard.

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The adolescent narrator discusses political, social, and ethical issues of a previous era while trying to recover memories of what life was like before the change to dystopia. In an unusual environment he observes the coming of age of both preadolescences and his own search for adulthood. Bouncing between the different tribes he attempts to piece together his own recollection of his past life in order to come to peace with the isolation of this new dystopia. Questions of happiness and the will to survive drive this epic, fictional, American story.

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