< Motorcycle Instrument Cluster

Codenamed: MotoCluster

An embedded system for the connected motorcycle

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*Design, hardware, and software development*


To be built with an embedded apps platform of android native activites integrated within the familiar navigation interface. For quick engagements between intents.



A custom solution may be reapproached during the production phases however at the moment current software testing is completed on a Galaxy S5, S7, and Pixel


Both iOS and Android are being considered however a platform agnostic web and android application solution are being written.

6/20/2019 Update:

Progress on the inital app graphical layout and speedometer metrics display.

8/26/2019 Update:

making it a data science project?

Algorithmic / Artificial intelligence, through variable linear, nonlinear and / or logistical regression models and dynamic learning through progressive data analytics and collection from user behavior.

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