< Modified Motorcycle Helmet

Apple didn't do it, someone had to. A motorcycle helmet with Beats audio integration. Recycled Mixrs scavenged for a greater purpose. Combining two off the shelf products for one sensational experience.

Helmet Hardware

  • GMax GM54S Modular Helmet
  • Beats Mixrs


  • Soder
  • Electrical Tape
  • Spare Wire
  • Velcro


  • Dremel 100-N/6 120-Volt Single Speed Rotary Tool Kit
  • Sodering Iron

With the right materials, tools, and time, assembly can be done within an hour.

Assembly Steps

  1. Remove Earpads from GMax GM54S Modular Helmet.
  2. Remove Headband from Beats Mixrs (I used a dermal tool to sever the connections and rotator cuff off the speaker cone frame).
  3. Apply Velcro to interior of helmet nad Headphones.
  4. Use sodering iron and soder to rewire the headphones and assembly. Tuck the wires behind the helmet lining.

*Please do not attempt to reverse engineer this device. For safety reasons the enhanced helmet may not be street legal or safe in the event of a crash.*

Apple and Beats Mixrs are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.